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This Staff of Esculapius pendant is the culmination of three years of training and practice. This "First Pendant" represents a breakthrough in my jewelry carving. It is the making of this pendant that showed me I was capable of designing and carving professional quality jewelry. It is my first hand-carved design using a microscope, which made it possible to carve precise, intricate details into the wax. I find it interesting how one can get lost timewise while carving wax. On some days, I would sit at my workbench around noon and look up 6 hours later, and it would be dark outside. It is easy to get lost in wax carving. When I start a piece, I can see a staff of Asclepius in the blank, but it takes a while to remove the excessive wax preventing the design within from being seen. Notice the intricate details seen with the serpent's scales, eyes, and staff. This Asclepian pendant is truly a unique piece of symbolic medical jewelry.

First Pendant Silver. SOLD

SKU: P-1st-S
  • Length = 28 mm x Width = 21 mm

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