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"Jewelry With Significance"

(Adding more rings soon.)

The Staff of Asclepius
Gold Serpent Ring

Although this ring could be worn for any occasion, I designed it to be my wedding ring and am wearing it as I type. However, due to the reaction and number of people who commented on this ring, I decided to include it in the collection. It is solid 14K gold with two serpents coiled in opposite directions around the ring as if it were a circular staff. The serpents meet with their heads side-by-side and eye-to-eye. While carving this ring, I thought of my wife, so made one serpent smaller since I am larger than my wife. It is an excellent gift for a graduating doctor, a doctor's wedding gift, or medical student's graduation.

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Gold Staff of Asclepius Ring: Great gifts for doctor anniversaries

This ring has exquisite detail and took several months to finish. As with all of my jewelry, I encourage people to look at the pieces with a loop or some type of magnification to see the intricate details (e.g., the serpent eyes) that took hundreds of hours to make.

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