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The "First Pendant" is solid 14K gold and one of the pendants I wear most often. With this piece, I also learned how to make eyes with tiny round pupils. The pendant has a serpent with a smooth, horizontally oriented head and a body with tiny scales that coils counterclockwise around the staff as it tapers to a smooth tail. Notice that the scales are parallel and cover the entire serpent, not just the front. I carved deep random furrows in the staff to represent bark. Although I named this piece "First Pendant," the road of my jewelry carving journey was littered with hundreds of rejected versions until I created this one, so I guess this is the first "acceptable" pendant. It represented a breakthrough in my jewelry making in that it was the making of this pendant that showed me that I was capable of designing and carving professional quality jewelry.

First Pendant Gold

SKU: P-1st-G
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