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The origin of my dental emblem pendant was in Key West, Florida. In December  2019, a dentist there saw my jewelry while visiting and asked my wife if I could make him a pendant with the dental emblem. He did not know precisely what the symbol looked like, but he had seen it before. I found an image of the American Dental Association's official emblem online, got the dentist's approval,  and started carving. After a week of work, I knew why none of these dental emblems, other than one or two cheap stamped silver versions, could be found: it was because the design was too complicated. The complexity of the intricate design with its tiny details made me consider stopping several times. However, after diligently working for the next four months, having dozens of design failures, and expending hundreds of hours of work, I had a finished product of a wax model by the end of April 2020. When I first sent the wax model for casting in Chicago, they told me it could not be cast due to the design complexity. However, we were able to solve the casting problem. It was a good day...

Silver Dental Emblem: Medium

SKU: P-Dnt-M
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